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Reaching 100% on Kickstarter in 15 Days

Reaching 100% on Kickstarter in 15 days

August 1, 2015


Yesterday we hit that magical number that transforms your project from an incubated idea into an exciting reality. It’s that moment you can’t quite predict when you anxiously hit launch – would you get an overwhelming response and be funded in just a few hours? or would you make it just in the nick of time – or not make it at all? But after we launched our perspective quickly changed.

We are just a couple with an idea – two designers with an avid curiosity and not much of a budget. We love design, had a fun idea and acted on it – there was no budget for marketing, no team for PR and definitely no video production company. It took a lot of hard work, research and discipline up until launch day, but once our project was live, this is what we realized:


1. We just broke out of our shell

When it comes to ideas, it’s easy to be shy – especially if you’re not the type to know how to hustle. Stepping out into public on Kickstarter makes you want to give it your all so you can hit that sweet 100%. From facing the camera to sharing your work with the press, before you know it you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, learned a million new things and pushed boundaries you didn’t know you had.


2. You’ve gotta pat yourself on your back

It’s a challenge to see an idea through and even more so to put together a convincing case to share why it should exist; but when you do, you realize it’s worth making it real and acknowledging how far you come.


3. You’re not in it alone

When you’ve hermetically spent many evenings and weekends preparing the big day, you get a little crazy, but you’re definitely not in it alone. We’ve found ourselves surrounded by incredibly supportive people who want to see Kings of India Playing Cards succeed as much as we did! From people who have been there all along through project iterations and insecure moments, to people we didn’t know who got in touch, gave loads of encouragement or even took the time to meet with us. When someone pledges, they’re choosing to be in it with you; it’s a great feeling to know they can relate to something you’re offering and they’re excited to see it happen. Likewise, it felt great to share our excitement with them.


4. See beyond the metrics

When you realize all of this, you forget about the numbers. Don’t get us wrong – reaching 100% is a sweet achievement and it means things just got real, but it just iced the cake on what we had already learned. We realized just how supportive our amazing network of family and friends are, how helpful strangers can be – especially our online community of backers and creators, and just how much you can learn and far you can go when you really get down to it and give it your all.

So hitting 100% was definitely awesome, but it was already something incredible way back at 1%.