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Highly researched and detailed, inside and out. Professionally printed by the best playing card manufacturers in North America.

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  • "Kings of India is still one of our favorites"
    - Dan & Dave

  • "If you don’t have this deck yet, definitely pick one up as it’s beautiful."

    - Tyler & Steve

  • "These are sensational."


  • "Probably the best use of gold foil on a back design I’ve seen so far."
    - Jacek @madaboutcards

  • "A stunning look at Hindu mythology. This follow up to Kings of India hits all the right marks for me."


Beyond the deck

Each deck focuses on a theme from South Asian history and culture. Discover the story behind each deck and its intricate illustrations here

Kings of India

online compendium to the deck

Discover the tale of India's greatest dynasties in the online compendium for the Kings of India collection.

Meet the Monarchs

Forbidden Forest

online compendium to the deck

Explore and share the mythical origins of each creature in the online compendium for the Forbidden Forest collection.

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