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Humble Raja playing cards

Our Mission

Humble Raja is a design studio created to investigate, celebrate and share our South Asian identity through illustration. We design objects and games that evoke curiosity and bring people together.

Our Story

We are Bhavesh and Reena Mistry, two Gujarati-Canadian illustrators bound by our fascination with South-Asian culture.

We were both born in England and met in Toronto, spending much of our youth drawing. We grew up to realize we were head over heels for design as much as we were for each other. After our big fat Indian wedding, we found our South Asian upbringing in the West intriguing - it was often a clash of culture and traditions. We realized there was so much we didn't know and understand about our culture, and needed an outlet to share what we uncovered.

In 2015 we created Humble Raja to explore and share our South Asian identity through design in the same way you'd indulge in a delicious Indian meal with friends - we wanted to offer a taste of something new and delightful that you'd enjoy in good company. Our first project, Kings of India, was inspired by India’s four greatest dynasties. We carefully detailed a set of playing cards to reveal the marvels and quirks of India's monarchs. Our Kickstarter campaign was a great success, gained international press, and over 4,000 decks made their way to homes worldwide. Our latest project, Forbidden Forest, invites you to meet the wild creatures from the vast and ancient world of South Asian folklore.


Humble Raja co-creators - Reena and Bhavesh Mistry

Awards & Press

DesignTO 2019 - Juror's Choice Award - Best Exhibition

DesignTO 2019 - People's Choice Award - Best Exhibition

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Forbidden Forest Press Kit

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Forbidden Forest by Humble Raja